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Solenoid holes/Firing Issues

So I recently purchased an '03 Viking that has been drilled for eyes. My usual routine is to use the gun as purchased from the previous owner and then do a full disassemble and cleaning of the gun. After using it for a day of play I liked it a lot (besides the trigger being way too light and sensitive.) So when I got home I disassembled it and took to cleaning out all the gunk from the screw holes and such.

While disassembling, I took the solenoid off and found that one of the solenoid air holes had something in it. Looked like caked up grease/oil so I pushed a small allen wrench into the hole to clean it out. What came out looked more like a small cylinder of hot glue. Reassembled the Viking and now it doesn't shoot. I added a SCM-III (brand new) and replaced an o-ring on the valve due to one o-ring having a tear in it. Solenoid is clicking and the gun is getting air but it doesn't fire. Thoughts?

So I replugged the hole with hot glue just to see if it would make a difference. Didn't make any difference. Solenoid still clicks but gun doesn't fire. Any thoughts?
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