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Oh, it wasn't my own team bonus balling me... The boys in blue coming up the beach either saw my red sniper card on my lanyard or had orders to put the whoopin on snipers. I firmly believe it was option 2.

For the record, I'm not a sissy and I was wearing my big boy pants that day. I can usually take a hit or ten without issue. I have been playing since early 90's, I ref every weekend for the field I work at, ref at all of our DMS big games and have a decent idea what overshooting is all about.

I got shot out from a player down the beach, put my barrel bag on a tried to go to the dead box, got about 3 steps and got one to the back of the head. Tried a new route to the deadbox, wow, 2 more to the head. I looked down the beach and let them know I was out. I'm 6 foot 200 lbs ,wearing red hibiscus camo, yelling at the top of my lungs, I'm easy to spot...
As I turn to walk off, another 3 to the back of the dome... I turned to address the ref on the beach and took another headshot as I approached him.

The back of my head is still lumpy and painful, can't wear a mask right now so I'm not working this weekend or next.
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