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Originally Posted by BlindSight View Post
how about barrel and cylinder conversion kits for Crosman 357's? would be a much more cost effective way of having a sweet revolver than your awesome ones built from scratch.
Wont work. the valve and power tube are too small. once you cram one that will work in that space you might as well just have designed and built a new one. which i already did.

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
I'd still like a pistol, or two, that uses a single action revolver's hammer, but not a rotating cylinder. Just a nice stock class feed over the barrel.

Natural thumbing motion to cock should tilt the barrel up enough to feed.

It could be a modern twist on the fun of the splatmaster.
What closes the bolt?

Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
So underfed like the dsg but all the normal action on the drv? With the cylinder being a cosmetic piece? I could see that. Reloading would be that much smoother, but it would only defeat the purpose of having a "revolver" I'd still go for one. Drv's are day...
Still needs to have some way to seal the breach

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Under feed, top feed, SC phantom body whatever.

And do away with the cylinder, fake or real. Why make it complicated or add extra weight when paintballs can role right into the breach on their own? Also will be nice and holsterable.

Basically regular stock class pistol with single handed thumb cocking and 12g in the grip like the dsp.
Check page one of the original drv thread. its basically what i started out doing lol. but nooooooo. it had to have goofy cylinders.

Originally Posted by BlindSight View Post
or find a source for on make the pieces needed to adapt a 357 you can buy almost anywhere for under $60 to have a fully functional revolver
Still wont work. there are a buttload of threads on this. its like trying to get a goblin to fire at field velocity. futile.
Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
But that's the thing, I don't want a revolver. I don't want a cylinder. I don't want to worry about a gelatinous ball getting sheared in half by a rotating breach.

I don't need another paintball gun designed around the physical attributes of a real gun that moves real bullets. I want a thumb cocked pistol designed for .68 paintballs that takes barrels and is easy to reload.
Why even bother with thumb cocking. cram tpx guts in it and do away with the whole works.
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