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1st attempt at home anodizing

I got my field name of ToyBox because of years of tinkering and voiding warranties on things. One topic that has interested me since joining the forum is anodizing parts. After a bit of research and collecting of parts I ended up deciding to follow the instructions from THIS PAGE because I thought that avoiding acid might be a good idea.

The only two nasty chemicals I'm using are pictured here.

The oven cleaner is what I'm using to strip the parts and the ph Down chemical provides the Sodium Bisulfate I need for this method.

Stripping the parts was the first unknown for me. I actually tried a paint stripper that I had handy first but all that did was clean the part really well. With my clean part in hand I doused it with oven cleaner and went in search of how long to soak it for. About 20 minutes later (10 minutes too long) and a few minutes with a rag, this is what I had to work with.

You can see where the top side was resting in the solution and has caused some pitting. I will have to monitor more closely in the future and wipe the pieces down more frequently.

From there I mixed a solution of 12 cups distilled water to 24 tablespoons of ph solution in my plastic tub. I put a screw into the piece to give me something to clamp onto as shown here.

Using the body of an old Spyder as my cathode, I plunged both pieces into my solution and fired up my car battery charger on manual and trickle. Immediately, I could see bubbles coming out of the cathode.

The piece should be just about ready to come out now. I'm looking forward to seeing how the die takes to it. Look forward to updates here.
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