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I never said the tiberius was a piece of s... Those are your words. I said I was frustrated cause in the past four weeks I have noticed the first strikes are chopping with such regularity as one per mag. Then I said the other issue just started happening, the bolt not being able to reset. I have personally taken it apart per you tube videos and manuals a dozen times. Lubed everything, cleaned polished. Replaced the mainspring. Didn't touch the firing pin as that's a no no. I also cleaned and scrubbed all my mags, replaced the red springs. Replaced the detents, removed them and bought another lapco .683barrel. Took apart the reg. cleaned and oiled that. Purchased another 13/3000 tank just in case it was that. Then an employee at the field who works on tibs pulled it apart and did the same thing. Then the armorer at the store I purchased it from was on the phone with tiberius while he was working on the gun and replaced oiled etc. said it was all fixed. got it back yesterday, shot about 3/4 of a box resighting the scope ad was getting anywhere from 205fps up to 310. It chopped paint in a brand new barrel and mag. That's my frustrated part. All totaled i have easily spent what 1500-1800 in expenses for a gun that is not performing as advertised. Never said tiberius was a bad company or anything. So they are now going to send the gun into tiberius. My thinking process is that if the t 4.1 is the same as the 9.1as far as internals are concerned will the same thing happen with breaking first rounds in the breach? And will the t 15 be the same as the 9.1 and the 4.1? I want the AR 15 platform, So if perhaps the .683 is not the optimal boring and hammerhead doesn't make a long enough barrel to fit the 9.1/4.1 shroud then perhaps the paradigm pro would be a better alternative.
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