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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
Jaccen those features are for the new JT eVLution, not the Rev.
I simply went by what ANSGear was calling it. PBGateway seems to agree. Others have slightly different specs. Odd that the Empire website doesn't seem to have the specs.

JT Revolution Paintball Loader - Black

Dick's shows the wrong picture (they show a C.A.T. model), but the one I bought in Port Huron is a Revvy.

The JT® Revolution Paintball Loader holds a capacity of 200 paintballs and has a feed rate of up to 20 balls-per-second. The paintball loader features an electronically-controlled, anti-jam propeller that automatically reserves and resets once it senses a ball jam. Its 2-piece body makes it easy to replace the battery and the flip-cap spring-loaded lid allows you to load it effortlessly. Step up your game with the Revolution Paintball Loader.

On-gun feed rate of up to 20 bps
Electronically-controlled, anti-jam propeller automatically reverses and resets once a jam is detected
Flip-cap, spring-loaded lid
2-piece body design for easy cleaning and battery replacement
3-blade, spring-loaded force feed paddle
200 ball capacity
LED low battery indicator
Requires two, 9-volt batteries (not included)

Here's the Evlution:
JT Evlution Paintball Loader | VIPs Save 10% & Free Shipping -

The JT eVlution Paintball Hopper... no, we didn't spell JT Evolution Hopper wrong!

The JT eVlution Paintball Loader is the re-engineered return for one of the most successful paintball hopper designs in the game's history! The eVlution is a 21st century update of the classic ViewLoader eVLution, VL eVLution, or simply 'The Egg' loader on steroids. The JT eVlution Hopper features an incredibly resilient shatter resistant shell, strengthened feedneck and a redesigned flip top lid. The classic spring loaded three arm design is gentle on paint as it quickly guides paintballs down the feedneck for a feedrate of up to 18 Balls Per Second. The simple eye activated system lets you concentrate on your game and not on your loader!

JT eVlution Paintball Loader features:
- Holds nearly 200 paintballs
- Feeds 18 BPS (Balls Per Second)
- Quick take down for fast cleaning and maintenance
- Eye activated force feed technology
- Instant auto anti-jam
- Easy push button on/off
- Low battery indicator
- shatter resistant shell that flexes to impacts
- 3-Blade spring cushioned loader feed paddle
- Long battery life on two 9vt batteries (not included)
I bought my JT Revolution from Dick's. To my untrained eye, it looks and functions like an Xboard Revvy with an unjam feature. However, I will concede my knowledge on the matter is limited.
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