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Well, I live in Fayetteville, WV, and the official paintballin' choices are the myriad rafting companies who pad their whitewater rafting trips with overpriced, underwhelming 2 hour games with beatdown tippy98's and dimpled paint.

The only thing still going is outlaw games. We're perfect for that, though.

Imagine playing through the ruined, abandoned structures of coal mine ghost towns (Illegally, but no one cares)....When we do get enough people to get off their *** and play, it feels like Fallout 3 , man. ...So great!

You guys play down at Fayette Station? Isn't that like a state park now.

I used to go swimming and fishing there when I was a kid. Back when the trains ran. lol

My last train ride out of there was in 1966 me and a buddy went to Falls Church Va.
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