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1. No Full Auto will not be allowed nor will "box" mags, if there is enough interest there may be an exception during Sundays mag fed only battle... but we did want to open this up to normal mag feds and pistols to give people a chance to try out something a little different and allow a little more challenge and diversity in the games.

2. This event has been in planning since ohh... 2005, thats when I set the first Florida game outline to paper, and I'm thrilled to finally help make this happen with Battlefield Orlando and all of you! It can be a huge success, but only with all of your help to spread the word.

3. The initial response has been incredible and you wont believe the prize package that is starting to line up, I mean some of it will have to pried out of my hands , and it takes a lot to put me in greed mode...

4. If there is enough support, I'm sure this could turn out to be an annual event and that make it so important we ensure as much communication as possible and invite, invite, invite...

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