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Originally Posted by PB Weasel View Post
Tiny I have owned all of the guns you asked about:

Garg -great phantom style nelson gun, smooth, and with the break in complete they get to be buttery smooth, nice tool free feild stripping.

Grey Ghost - good entry level nelson SC gun, has an open class feed available, tool free stripping for the basic stuff, syder threaded barrel kinda of eh . . . good trigger and feel.

Carter guns - all are more or less hand fitted, especially the older ones. I love mine, I have had a great mini comp now sold, a mini buzzard now sold, an older buzzard that I love, and my baby duck. all are great guns but being hand fitted they do need TLC to make them run their best.
Thanks, that's exactly what I'm looking for. In terms of trigger pull, how do the carters stack up? I'm in love with the garg trigger pull and the ghost has a very nice pull as well. I actually can't decide which I prefer.
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