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Nelspot gen/dating.

I just picked up Nelspot recently from another member on here. I would like to pinpoint some more info on it. It is this one specifically. First off, is the original finish A dark blue color? It looks like there may be some paint runs in it, so it may have been repainted. But it looks to be in pretty good shape.

Now as far as dating... It does not have any ball stop in the top tube. The top tube is not threaded. I do not see Nelspot or 007 anywhere on the marker. It has an original style pierce pin with no seal. The trigger frame does not have a keyhole style slot for the pierce pin either. The body was not modified at all for hammer/bolt removal. Also the left grip panel logo is an "n" with a little guy with a gun on it. So judging by the generation info in the Nelson info thread in the pump gun section, I could have a first or possible second gen Nelspot? Around what time were these produced? Also the holster that came with it has Jameson (or something like that) on the snap button. Is this possibly a Nelson holster or just one that happens to fit?
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