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Silver Etek 3 FS $275!!!

SOOOOOOO the move is over and I have far less left than I had hoped for. If I didn't message you back over the last week, my apologies, it's been quite hectic.

Anyway, I still want to get rid of this, so lets see some offers! $275 takes it!!

Had a few offers at $300 but no one came through! Still available, lets see some offers! Price lowered now, ready to make someone a great deal!


I'm sad to have to make this sale, but I won't be playing paintball for at least a year, so I won't be needing this.

I bought this Etek3 AM from a friend to help get back into the game. It's in very good working order. I used it 3 times, and he had put a few cases through it I believe. The stock barrel is bored for Freak inserts, which is a nice little addition.

My asking price is $275. I really need some extra cash at the moment, as I'm making an out-of-state move soon. Make me an offer and we'll work something out. I know my feedback isn't robust, but I will not ship first.

The best way to reach me is email or if you must, message me here.


Message me asap and I can have it shipped asap.
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