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Finally had some time to tear into this marker and try to fix the velocity issue.

Originally Posted by someasianballer View Post
Run a swab in ur lower tube.

The tolerance in the bottom tube is very right even a bit of normal grime from just regular use will mess with it
I tore it completely apart and cleaned everything and checked all o-rings. O-rings all looked ok.

Originally Posted by Tinman View Post
I'd try backing out the reg and the ivg all the way on a .682-4 back with our paint.. put over the crono and walk the reg in till the velocity begins to drop. Then use the ivg.

Jwalker has a box of main springs (mine) get one from him if the above does not help.
If all else fails find jacob or jordan at the field, yup the kids they are becoming quite good at trouble shooting.
I got it up to velocity but reg is flush and IVG is about 5 turns in. That seems a lot to me. Maybe it is the main spring.

I used a .684 insert with the field's Evil paint.

Originally Posted by Gunz View Post
Check the input pressure of your reg. it should be set at about 325 psi. Your IVG should be turned in at about 3 full turns from flush. This should get you up to speed unless you hammer spring is worn out.
I don't have a pressure checker for my reg and haven't taken the time to build one. May be something to do later this summer.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. With some fiddling I got it up to speed. Seems that it may still need a little fine tuning, but I can at least use it for now.
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