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Sweet KP, I used to shoot one like it. Grab a single trigger frame for 30 bucks. You'll thank me later. The only problem with KP is you sorta hit a glass ceiling. At least I did with mine. When I sold it I had a karni reg, lurker barrel, azodin on off, single trigger frame. It shot great, +/- 5 fps on a bad day. Even with all those upgrades it couldn't be nearly as smooth as my S5. Nice little guns, efficient but loud as crap. Not a whole lot you can do for the pump stroke though, and no A/T. That's why I moved up eventually. But still great markers. My suggestion, embrace the fart, no one cares, why should you? It's also really efficient out of the box, so I never messed with springs.

Edit: my shot very well with a Karni reg without too much dicking around. I had the 2011 version so newer internals maybe?
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