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Thanks for the useless advert Nelson, but it's Update time!
I created a valve insert similar to the ones spoken about here. I took their idea and improved on what I thought was the main draw back, I.D. Here is a shot side by side, my new larger diameter seal head vs a CCI seal head.

In doing this, I actually increased the I.D. of the insert to .550 (off the top of my head) and so far, it has been the best thing I have done to my 007. I just got my first test out and I got 28 good useable shots off. I noticed a much greater consistency right off the bat, with the first ten shots right between 262-267. Most of the shots taken in the test were between 255 and 270. Again, after the first 20 shots, I set the marker down for a few minutes. When I picked it back up, the 21st shot was 272 and slowly fell from there. my 27th shot was 254 and 28th shot was 245 at which point I heard the power tube vent post shot. I am happy with this progress, It was a lot of work getting there, but now it feels well worth it. I just wish I could get the friggin velocity up a little higher.
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