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They do all the same ****. Although I prefer google maps on the android, and integration/sync of all your contacts and and accounts with google, whereas on the iPhone you better back that **** up. Don't have to worry about it on android... only need to back up your camera photos and stuff like that (if you need em), and notes if you use an app for that.

None of samsungs latest gimmicks are worth mentioning so it really comes down to this:

-do you want a premium metal and glass phone with iTunes and a non-standard charger cable? buy the iPhone 5
-do you want a premium metal and glass phone with your choice of sides and standardized interfaces? buy the HTC One
-do you want a sub-premium plastic phone with an equally sub-premium UI? buy the Samsung S4 (but wait, it has removable battery, and an SD card! just like a bunch of other sub-premium phones)

(PS, neither the HTC One or the iPhone 5 need SD cards, because they both are available in 32gb and 64gb variants. more than 32gb storage in a phone is serious overkill.)

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