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I only made a new seal head to increase the I.D. of the valve body, giving more room for an insert. I picked up the uber thin wall brass from the local hobby shop. it's 5/8 o.d. by .015 wall. I posted up more in the linked thread, as I figured it would get more views. Right now, I have the velocity 270-280 and it's still getting 25 shots, but they fall off toward the end more. I am having some trouble with the Co2 sealing at the pierce pin though. and if I ref it down, it bows the whole valve body assay. and kills the velocity. I need to figure something better than the single screw as far as retaining the valve body in the frame.
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I still don't get the obsession with pump, as I love paintball in any form nowadays, I just can't tolerate cheaters and morons with a gun who think the objective is to cause as much pain as possible.
Emotional pain.

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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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