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Fishy's Soft Goods (Vest, packs, jerseys)

Opened up one of my buried totes to discover these lovely jems. The pictures are horrible i know, i can take better ones if asked. Its the only camera i had at the time : )

Shipping is not included and i have no use for any of these things so its all OBO

I will wash everything before shipping

DXS Jerseys x3 - 1 large 2 medium brand new never worn. 20$ ech

Dye Jersey - 10$

Dye Jersey - 10$

JT Jersey x2 Both XL with Tags. 20$ ech

RAP4 Vest Brand new - 30$

Mesh real tree top - worn and has some snags 5$

Evil Poncho - 10$

JT Pants - Well worn 10$ SOLD

Angel pants- good shape - Large 20$

Protective Vest x2 Both used - 8$

Raven Gloves - worn out - 5$
PMI gloves - good shape - 10$

Lanyards and bonebrake visor - 2$ or free with something else ALL SOLD

Camo vest - works good for holding stock tubes - 10$

Brasseagle hauler - 3$
Camo 4+1 - I have 8 of these most brand new. nice belts with them too 15$

2 no name packs - well used but still good shape - 10$ each

System X and PB Junkies packs - used in good shape 15$
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