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Yeah, it wasn't obvious in that video, but I did air off my marker before I walked into their base. I was all in, either get him, or get shot. As an a-5 doesn't hold a charge once you remove the air source so it couldn't fire once the remote coil was removed.

But, I should have done a better job pointing that out in the video, as I'm sure lots of players thought I walked in with a "live" marker, which isn't a safe thing to promote! I put that video out the day after the event... So I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked editing.

That is one of the reasons I started putting cg on my videos, so viewers would know what was going on better.

Once I had some time I put this one together, which does a better job of showing what went on in a lot more action packed style. But one of my sponsors didn't want to promote it for the same reason you mentioned...

Which I totally understand.

This year I carried a spare short barrel in my pocket, in case the same situation presented itself...
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