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Originally Posted by Chris From Flurry View Post
At that game there were a lot of people concentrated into a small area during parts of the day. I got bonus balled a couple times but not too bad. I would just wave out and then hustle out of the area out of the line of fire and hopefully not into my own guys shooting.

I did see 2 players from the other team that wiped 3-4 hits really get little up as they were finally leaving the bunkers because the other players weren't too happy.

I wasn't able to stay until the end of the game though. Were there some good prizes given away?
They gave away a Valken gun and barrel set (I think?), TPX Pistol, pod harness, and some other stuff, I still had fun (only one bad incident, rest of the day was fine). Although when the final assault on nuke town happened, we were not allowed to use the pirate boat as cover? I thought that was lame, but yeah, I still had fun, and probably more when I rock my SR-1.
SOL, outnumbered, one paintball per person should do the trick
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