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I've been lit up countless times walking off the field and have accidentally shot refs that cross my line of fire a few times. It's not intentional and I think its just part of the game. If some chowder head wants to dump a string at me when I'm walking off then whatever.

I did come close to losing it once when I was in a building with the last guy on my side and we were surrounded and out numbered 18-2. One guy runs up to the wall and sticks his muzzle around the door frame pointed at my chest from about 2 feet away. I called safety and surrender and he starts wailing on me. Maybe he didn't hear me, but he just kept going. On about the 10th shot my team mate smacks his gun the the ground and steps on it and he finally stops firing. I walked to the doorway with my hands up and told the guy "Not cool" and got lit up from 5 other players while I'm exiting the building. I got pissed and yelled "I'm out" at the top of my lungs and got a sorry back from a girl in the group. I then exited the area to cool off. 10 years later and I still feel like I handled it badly but it pissed me off. What if it were a little guy in the building out in his first trip? I'm big on player safety and having a good time and this incident didn't sit right with me. That all being said, NEVER shoot back. You just throw gas on a testosterone fire and it may have been an honest mistake.
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Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
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