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Dangerous Power G5 FST!!

1. I do not ship first unless you have 50/0/0
2. I take no responsibility once the marker leaves my hands.
3. I make shooting videos of it working before I ship, so if you get it and say it's broken I will now believe you.
4. I ship USPS priority, if you want insurance you pay for it.
5. Show me respect when you make an offer and I will show you respect.
6. Have fun and offer away!

Alright folks, today I have my pertty much mint G5 up for sale. I have only put 3 cases through her and she is shooting well, only reason I am selling is I am getting out of a electro play for awhile. Now onto what you came to see the pics!

PRICE: $285 plus shipping

S6 I add.
CCM'd pumps I will only add depending on the body and what CCM parts it has.
Ego 08's and 09's
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