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Lcd or oled screen would be neat to add on if someone is doing a project and wants to make it as modern as they can.

If its the size of the original mini morlock boards, that would be awesome, the shape was so much better than the little square t-board.

Can we make sure that the eyes work in both modes, unlike the old run of predator morlocks, and the original t-board. Though thinking back the eyes worked fine on my old morlocked sandridge so I'm not afraid of that.

Fine adjustments of .1 for dwell, rate of fire, aybe debounce, and anything else that could be really tuned in.

Force shot options is a must I would like to see an option on hold down time for a force shot, I would also like to see an option to turn the eyes off after so many force shots.

I would limit the buttons needed, scrolling and selecting could be done by the trigger and a power button/eyes off button.

Something that would be hard but awesome is if you could set it up to run a wide variety of batteries, such as the old angel batteries, newer angel batteries, the luxe batteries, the virtue batteries, 9 volts, or whatever else is out there, like the AAs in my pvi shocker.

Dreaming big It would be great to be able to set when the eyes read in the solenoid cycles. Say someone wants an open bolt cocker for the lols, or some other project that needs two noids to fire a gun, I'm thinking this could be what's needed for minis and guns that need two pulses to fire open bolt as well.

Dreaming bigger, pressure sensor options, h.e.s sensor options, would be awesome to see a board that would read real time pressure and automatically adjust the dwell to compensate for pressure variances during the firing cycle.

The more options the better I am excited I loved mini morlock boards, I would be down for 5 at least with 2 lcd/oled screens for some of my projects.

edit: it could be usable as a hopper board replacement as well, that shouldn't be a hard setting with eyes if they dont see anything run the noid, maybe make a sound activated option as an extra, and let it accept either an rf transmitter or receive. Idk how to set it up to spin backwards on command but that would be a cool feature as well. Add 3 more with lcd/oled screens to the board if it can run a hopper as well.
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