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Modifying this post to accept trades. Ill update the original post when I get to a PC.

Here is the updated offer. This package doesn't include the modified rail nor the scope but will come with the modified stock with grip panels. So to be clear this is what it will contain:

- AVR7. Gen 1. It will not include the original barrel and I never got a pump handle for it. But you can easily add a modified pump handle with ease. I believe you can easily retro fit another handle on to it. Ill get details later if you are interested.

- Modified stock with modified grip panels. Plus the normal grip panels.

- All jeweled SS pieces except for the freak insert. I will also include the non fluted hammer as well.

- Both trigger shoes (Shocktech and other. Can't remember what the shorter purple one is).

- Tube of blue loctite (stock CO2 backs out. I never got around to applying the loctite on it)

It's Gen1 and highly modified AVR7 in pristine condition. Only fired a few tubes of first strikes through this. I'm thinking on its own this might go for $650. The buyer will also get the parts that I am currently waiting for from Avratech. This includes the Magslide, CA adapter and theMag CO2 changer. But let's be clear, I'm selling just the marker in its current configuration and when Avratech produces the goods, you will get it then. If not then you only get the marker plus other stuff as mentioned. In other words the accessories RIDE FOR FREE.

I'm ONLY looking for a dual TiPx package.

I'm kinda feeling the TiPX and Zetamags craze. A new TiPX with 3 mags and a leg holster goes for $250.

I'm looking for 2 in excellent or BNIB condition TiPXs with Zetamags. I DONT want the regular mags. I will also look at packages with holsters, mag pouches, Fazmags and dual pistol remotes plus cash. I prefer black pistols or anything unusual. Tan TiPXs need not apply unless u check the box in the other areas.

Of course it depends on the package being offered then I will do a straight trade.

Others wise it's $650 with no trade fodder. Doesn't include shipping or insurance. I will also ship to CDN.

Again the whoosh, jeweled insert, modified rail and scope are not included in this package.

Thanks and please post up any questions you might have.
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