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Slider trigger comparison

Originally Posted by tiny View Post
In terms of trigger pull, how do the carters stack up? I'm in love with the garg trigger pull and the ghost has a very nice pull as well. I actually can't decide which I prefer.
I'm just going to address this question since you've already received lots of additional input.

I own a Redux, a Gargoyle and a Carter Comp slider trigger. All sliders are very smooth, but there is a noticeable difference in tolerances between the three. The Gargoyle (that's right the least expensive of the 3) has the smoothest pull with the tightest tolerance, with the Carter coming in 2nd and the Redux 3rd. And don't get me wrong, I love all 3 of these guns and all 3 have phenominal trigger pulls compared to any hinge/swing trigger I've ever fired; all 3 are going to the grave with me.
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