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Yup, I've been using one. It's a fun little gun and find myself busting it out when I feel like goofing around a little bit. Despite the low-end label it would fall under it's a relatively solid little shooter and I've got some impressive kills off of the thing.

To answer Murf425, the pump handle is pretty solid, albeit small.

Some pros:

- Black plastic body looks good and seems to be pretty durable. Haven't treated it with any special care and have seen no cracks or scuffs.
- Light
- Consistent, for running on 12 grams the shots are pretty spot on.
- Inexpensive (I assume, didn't buy it)
- Anti double feed, haven't chopped any paint
- Detent, no rollouts
- 12g plug is easy to turn, less threads than old sheridan.

Some cons:

- The pump handle is kinda small.
- The orange barrel looks airsofty
- The cram n jam feed is designed for the empire 12rnd tubes, regular tubes can get pretty hard to remove if you really jam them in.
- Kinda loud because of the short unported barrel
- 12g plug takes some finesse, too loose and if bumped the 12g could leak, too tight and it punctures a huge hole likely reducing efficiency. Not as fast thread-wise as some high ends.
- Sprung for fixed velocity somewhere in the low-mid 200's. (can't remember exactly)

Overall, I'd probably recommend it over a PGP for someone looking to try out stock class, because it's cheaper and IMO a better performer out of the box.

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