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WTB Misc. Parts

Looking for lots of different parts. Preferred color is listed after each item but any color will be entertained. Please send/post pictures and price.

Autococker Parts:
WGP barrel condom, black or blue
WGP grips with blue jewel
WGP frame jewel in black or blue

AKA Parts:
Javelin barrel, any length (12" prefered), black or blue
AKA rail and ASA, black dust
'03 Viking Tool Kit (cartridge remover and pressure tester)
AKA or Viking barrel condom, black or blue

Misc. Parts:
Bob Long or Marq series barrel condom, black or blue
Plain barrel condom, black or blue
Marq'd for Death rubber grips for Marq series guns, black or blue
45 frame CCM panels, delrin black only, alumium any color
45 Frame Kapp Alumium panels any color
Vendetta pump handle for CCM kits, black only
CCM macro fittings, black or blue

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