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Hoppers, Freak Case, JT Bag, harnesses

Here's some random stuff I'd rather have gone. All prices are OBO, so if you like something but don't like the price, give me another number. I'd rather just have them out.

Ginormous JT Bag. This thing is frickin huge. If I have to guess dimensions, I'd ballpark 2' x 2' x 3'. Seriously enormous. Has giant padded shoulder strap. Can easily fit 2 spires, a revy, and 3 tanks in one side pocket. Again, HUGE bag. Let's say $30 shipped.

Nitroduck Megareg and tank- Needs hydro, will pass no problem. Very easy to adjust with the front knob, very easy to turn on/off, the tank actually unscrews for easy storage while holding air, and comes with cradle. I'll toss in the mounting screws too. Lets say $50 shipped.

Freak case- yep, that's a freak case, $20 shipped

Ricochet AK- Seems to work just fine, $15 shipped

Empire Reloader- Seems to work just fine, let's say $30 shipped

Renegade Harness 4+1- Woods-y and Fuzzy- $20 shipped

Syn Harness- Really, really nice pack. $20 shipped

Big Ol' Harness, 6 tuber- comes with 4 tubes- $15 shipped

Let me know what you want.
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