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Edit: Jeremy came through, like always. I got everything I ordered plus a bonus. I really hope things fall into place for you and you'll be able to begin making parts again - everything I have ever ordered from you is the finest quality and worth the wait.

Not looking good. I've ordered well over $1000 worth of product from Jcurt over the years, probably double or triple that.
For the last couple of years or so things have been slipping: one, two, or three months to ship the product. Communication was always good though.
I ordered 8 pump kits 6 months ago. The pump kits were made when I ordered them, all that needed done was drill/tap the arms for AT and shipping. Responses to PMs has been rare. I think it's been 3 replies in the last 6 months. I hope you can turn things around Jeremy, b/c I'll continue ordering stuff from you if you do.

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