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From the WAR PIG page:

Can the Pre 1999 Rainmaker be switched to a 9 volt battery?

"Yes, changing from 5 AA batteries to a single 9 volt is a common modification, especially for players who have removed the stock foregrip and or replaced it with an Autococker pneumatics shroud. Neither the stock electronics board, or the early Brass Eagle select fire boards (pre 1999) are designed for 9 volt use, and will not function properly on 9 volts. A common solution to this problem is for players to only use 9 volt batteries that are slightly used, and thus not putting out their full capacity. A more professional approach, is to install a fixed output voltage regulator in-line with the battery. Radio Shack carries a 6 volt fixed output voltage regulator as a special order item (RSU 11392008). This voltage regulator is very inexpensive (about $1.50 plus shipping) and requires only minor electronics experience (some soldering) to install, as does a 9 volt battery clip. Howard "Heretic" Allen has written a tech guide on how to install this voltage regulator."

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