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Originally Posted by Reality Compromised View Post
The engine is a 305. The rad is an aluminum 80's corvette rad. I'll try to list what's on the truck by memory.

305 TBI
Unknown aftermarket cam
stage 2 chip for ecm
machined transam fly wheel
world class T5
ZQ8 suspension parts from GM and steering box
belltech drop spindles
16" IROC wheels
Rareco bucket seats
corvette rad
camaro hydraulic clutch

There's more but I'd have to find my notebook.
Its a 305 and it gets hot? That's odd, normally 305's run real cool. The few I have had I couldn't get them up to ideal temps but they were also on full sized trucks with giant engine bays. Does it just run hot when sitting still at idle? I am sure you have done this but have you replaced the thermostat? The corvette radiator should be plenty to keep that 305 cool.
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