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So as a soon-to-be hammer7 owner I had a couple questions about the different magazines that are currently available. I'm assuming the 9round ones are fine and I plan on having about 4-5 of those for FSR use but how are the 15round ones? Are they decent? Any issues with them not feeding the last couple balls or do they feed consistently? I like the idea of a higher cap for when I'm using normal paint, which will be the majority of the time, so I will want quite a few. I just want to make sure before I invest in a bunch of mags.

Thanks in advance!
I have not seen the 15 round mags at our field, so I cannot comment on that. But it's a fun pump market to play with. A few things you should know, the marker "farts" when you pump the handle back too hard, take 2-3 nickels and place them in the pump handle behind the pump rod and it fixes the fart without effecting the loading mechanism. Tape them if you want them to be silent. Don't rotate, or over rotate, the barrel the wrong direction when switching from mag fed to hopper fed, you'll chop your ball detents in the barrel adapter on your bolt and you will have double feed issues. The stock barrel isn't that bad, unlike most that come with new markers. The magazines (9 round): keep it clean, keep it dry. Any debris or broken paint causes huge feed problems. Don't release the spring on the magazine when it is not locked into your marker, it will dump the rounds everywhere! The 9 round mags feed consistently with standard rounds. With first strike rounds, it takes a little force to get then to chamber. I'm told by other players that its because the round sits in the chamber very snugly. Installing/uninstalling the hopper attachment is a little bit of a pain because of the screw behind the clamping ring is blocked by the clamp bolt.
But running strait mag fed on the field is pretty fun. The magazines are easy to load, but as you can imagine, you'll burn through rounds while you go for an elimination. If your not moving or shooting, your reloading, lol.
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