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UThomas' blog:
Thomas' Paintball Collection - Westwood Autocockers

Ravi Chopra's blog:
Ravi's Paintball Place

Wolf13's Shocktech blog:
Bad Boyz Toyz/ Shocktech Guns (5 guns) (Westwood, Noblett, Hookups, SFL) Photo Gallery by wolf13 at

Paraphrasing the links above: They were made by shocktech between 1996-1999. There were 200+ made and originally sold for $1750. They were the first cockers to be produced on a CNC mill.

I've only seen the 2 & 4 scoop types. I've never seen a 3-scoop. In general, the more scoops the more desirable, and the higher the price, since the milling is more intricate. Used pricing is hard to say right now. The market for these markers is limited to a handful of people, and the prices I've seen fluctuate over hundreds of dollars. The only thing I can say about price is that, you'll be lucky to buy one for under $1000. If you're selling, then expect anywhere from $1000-2000 depending on # of scoops, cosmetic/working condition, and what parts are included.
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