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MCB Server - Minor downtime at night - And Gallery info

Tonight or tomorrow night we will need to replace one of the MCB server harddrives, so sometime between 1 and 4 a.m. EST the server will be down.

We have a RAID system, and one of the hard drives died, so we're only running on one right now. Going to get the bad drive replaced so we can consistently be on with the loss of information.

As for the Gallery, I've Upgraded the limits so people can upload images again. I'm still not 100% sure we will keep the gallery forever ( is a great great alternative)

So folks might want to start looking around.

While it's a nice feature, the bigger we get, the more room it just takes up on the server. Maybe we can move it to a members only feature...

Thanks for the understanding and see everyone on the other side.

Those going to EMR for Pump Pandemonium, I will see you there.

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