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bunch of pb stuff sale, cocker tippy more

prices shipped.
if you buy multiple items I can do some reducing to compensate for less shipping charges..
I will trade, but don't be stupid
Items in blue are pending,
items in red are sold

Items in red are sold
Items in blue are pending

I will trade, but don't be stupid

Prices are shipped.
multiples may get better price
postal mo or paypal

prices are shipped

04 WGP body, Black, great condition, has scratch by ball detent hole and on bottom of feedtube above ball detent hole. seems someone does not know how to use a wrench (got it that way). no internals, no front block, can add a few items if you like.. great pump project.
65.00 shipped,

BALL DETENTS, I have sereral each on these ,
chrome, blue, red, green, purple No more black
8.00 ea red blue green purple
10.00 chrome
1 COLOR + 1 CHROME FOR 14.00

Dye 4+3 pack, nice used condition, everything works and no rips, velcro is in great shape.
has a huge lower back pillow support. very nice and heavy built.

SP adjustable max flo tank. This thing comes with everything like a new one would. tank has an on/off and removes from the reg by reverse threads. everything looks like new. tank was new in 01 and has not been hydroed since, but looks like new.. everything looks excellent, no cracked gauages, no scratches anywhere.
-on/off tank
-max flow reg
-lp spring
-angel air nipple protector
-short drop
-original box
-few odds that came with it (dow33 sample, set screws, etc)
125.00 shipped..
will not come with macro fitting and needs hydro.

1. ANS chrome, clean but has 1 scar (see pic) and more at the base of the other side, the other side will not really show since it will in the center of the front block. 10.00
2. ANS Blue, like new, 16.00
3. Lightning dust black/chrome knob (dye copy), 10.00
4. AIM, gloss black, NEW, adjustable set screw15.00
5. Makko, black, like new 8.00 pending

AIR AMERICA INLINE REG. red/black, good shape other than the huge nick on one side (see pic) right where the 2 colors meet.. 25.00

Pull pins
1. stock 3.00
2. stock 3.00
3. double knurled 4.00
4. double knurled 4.00
5. double knurled 4.00
6. fat knurled (has nicks on knob part) 2.00

CCM front end. silver. Excellent condition. High but I don't mind keeping it.. 125.00 shipped

Barrels (all cocker threaded of course)
1. DYE stainless 1 piece. 14" -18.00
2. SP 2 piece (glued), 14" -18.00
3. SP All American back, like new, black, uses freak tips.. -13.00
4. CP 14", black, has a few nicks around sides. -13.00

1. Kapp Black, excellent condition, extremely adjustable, -40.00
2. WGP w/flame trigger, Matte gray, missing jewels. 17.00

3 ways (all in New to excellent shape)

WGP CT, (same as Orracle but has set screw adj rather than a knob). blue, nice 12.00

1. STO, chrome, flat tip shaft, 10.00
2. STO, chrome, nippled tipped shaft, 10.00
3. KAPP, blue, hollow set screw in tip, I wonder if it could be used as a trigger stop, lol..
4. ANS, Blue, 10.00
5. ANS, Blue, 10.00
6. ANS, Red, 12.00

NEW CCM 3 way shaft..

Banjo bolts
1. 2k+ chrome, excellent condition, 5.00
2. ANS Pre2k stainless LPC, 12.00

Front blocks
1. FF, matte gray 10.00
2. ANS GenX, black, scars around edges, 5.00
3. 2k2ish WGP, gloss black, 10.00 (nice for ripper project!!) 10.00
4. 2k2ish WGP, dust black, 10.00 (nice for ripper project!!) 10.00

Back blocks
1. pre2k P block, dust black, shows wear mostly around pin hole 6.00
2. Pre2k, red splash, 6.00
3. Pre2k Kapp windowed, blue, Looks NEW!!, 10.00

WGP twisting/Clamping feedneck, black/matte gray, has plier marks on 2 place of the gray section (opposite sides), 10.00

Nicely done blue/red splashed shroud. not a bad job at all.

KAPP LP hose kits. comes with chrome top hats.
solid Yellow, solid white, solid bright green, clear green, Orange, clear pink, clear water green, solid purple.
4.00 ea

bolts bolts bolts
left to right
1. 2k+ ,this bolt DOES HAVE DETENT 12.00
2. 2k+ bob long?? no detent, 12.00
3. 2k+ system X, w detent 4.00
5. Pre2k ANS quick pull 12.00
6. Pre2k alum, no detent 8.00

Apococlypse adjustable tank regs.
- 1 used, seems complete but has not been tested. will try to do so later.35.00
- still have 1 brand new, missing valve pin, valve pin spring, and cup seal. 20.00 ea

here is what is missing besides a second gauge and blow out disks..

LPR shochtech, purple, brand new, 20.00 ea
-3 w/ silver knob 1 pending
-1 w/black knob

KAPP pull pins with detents
1. black - 8.00
2. black - 8.00
3. green - 8.00
4. chrome - 8.00

Pre2k stainless front block screws
-2 G-force 4.00
-3 KAPP 4.00

-slider trigger guards 13.00 each

-flatten timing rods (I have many) 6.00 ea
-12 gram adapter Gone

-refill stations 10.00 ea
needs the adapter to fit on the tank, has a nice air america slide valve to as a release, and a nice big guage. 22.00 for all 3

2k-2k2 wgp plastic shroud, 8.00

ANS Gen X front block, black, excellent condition with chrome ans 3 way
10.00 for both

Pre2k KAPP back block, dust green, 6.00

-KAPP slider frame spring kits 7.00

Stainless Old school air lines. aprox. 8" to 12"
11.00 for all

Old school WGP reg cover.. chrome (have one in black too). 15.00 ea

Eblade screws.
Side Grip screws, 4.00 for 3 (1.00 each with other purchase)
Board Screws, 4.00 for 3 (1.00 each with other purchase)

System x version of eblade board,
-break beam eyes.
-has ramping I believe
-will fit in a standard eblade frame, but the buttons will not align up correcty.

SEAR PINS (fits cockers and mags)
-3.00 shiped 1.50 each after the first one.
-1.50 with other items

ACI on/off for remote or fill s line tation..
10.00 shipped (8.00 with other purchase)

-slide check valve, 7.00 shipped Looks new

45 rd hopper w/elbow, NEW, 7.00 shipped, 2x

camo 12oz neoprene co2 cover, 7.00 shipped

-revy battery door, new, 4.00 shipped

ANS 3way, silver, like new
8.00 shipped

old cradle, 7.00 shipped

Off set drop, 4.00 shipped

-aprox. 3' 4" braided hose with on/off (remote line/fill station/whatever) 15.00

-black gas through, black, 8.00

2 blue KAPP delrin ball detents- 13.oo ea

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