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CCM T2 - White and purple

So I picked this up off of craigslist. It was in a little bit of rough shape. I took it apart, cleaned everything and put it back together and it is now good to go.
CCM T2 in dust clear and gloss purple
matching fittings
matching grip panes
Set of backs (.681-.691 I believe)
Matching t-grip with matching hitman mod
Matching lo-pro feedneck
Clear trigger and matching clear grip panels.
The only problem is that it looks like the last owner broke off an allen wrench head trying to remove the feedneck. My guess is he bought the lo pro and then broke the allen wrench trying to replace. A minute or two with a dremel and a new set of screws and it will be ready to go. The dust white is wearing from use, hopefully it will show in pictures.

20130718_191240_zps97eb9273.jpg Photo by p-cloudy | Photobucket

Price 625 obo or 575 with no puple grip panels or low pro
Also will have screws coming from ccm for the feedneck and the pump handle so it can be used without the hitman mod
ccm s6 or j2l + a little money
aka markers
thats about it

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