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Originally Posted by Blue60 View Post
Thanks for the detailed answer, I will be ripping this thing apart in the next 10 or 15min
if I run into any problem I will be sending you a message. if push comes to shove I can always drive down to London and bribe you to have a look at it. one other question where do you get your replacement o-rings from? Rap4 wants a crazy amount for shipping.

Thanks again.
There are no rap4 dealers who sell online in Canada, so you have to buy from a rap4 dealer in the states. I would recommend their website looks cheap, but it is legitimate. I have bought from them twice before. Shipping is going to be expensive no matter what you do, so just buy lots of stuff at the same time. Like magazines, extra seals, and paint all at once. Rap4's .43 paint can be stored for quite a long time, so just buy a bag of 1000 or something. If you want to store their paint, put it in a plastic container like a pod or something, and then throw in a bunch of silica gell packs and oxygen absorbers (like in packages of bacon bits). These will help to preserve them too. Store them in a cool place, like a basement or cold cellar if you have one too.
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