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the problem is , everyone wants to try their hand at running things, alot gets lost in translation when to many cooks are in a kitchen,things get sloppy..

I dont feel they killed her off due to her persona being as bad a rendition as it was from the comic as theres people in the show they were never in the comic and vice versa..

although its the same principle and lose base from the comic the show has become its own monster.. it will morph and turn into things none of us expected to really expected .. every monster has its own flaws and weaknesses and strengths and .. this one sometimes is the character or writers/directors ect...

I agree with you in alot of the aspects you have pointed out in the thread,maybe not so harshly but you make it easier for some to see it from sides some wont even bother to look at simply because they dont want to run the risk of thinking the show sucks...

I hope it works out for you though, theres alot of good stuff thats been seen over three seasons (and yes alot of short comings too) and I have alot of hope for the season/s still to come..

and hopefully Maggie lives a long life, shes hot in that dirty (al though fake) southern girl sorta way.....

but since ive said that i probably condemned her to death.
the good stuff can't outweigh the bad for me if every episode is a cringe fest. as much critique as i have thrown out in this thread, i think they have all been posted prior to me starting game of thrones, and i still felt the show was an overall positive. i started watching game of thrones after i finished walking dead, and only then did i realize how many things game of thrones has gotten right, that walking dead COULD have gotten right, but failed.

look at kat stark. flawed, but wise. she gets played, but isn't stupid otherwise. adrea on the other hand overlooks everything every other character catches, all of the time. my impression was that both characters were meant to be capable ones that know their way around the world, at least at the beginning.

tywin lannister, a menace, a mastermind, like the show rendition of the governor. yet his negotiation with the old lady is much better written than the governor's negotiation with rick "i'm here to talk about your complete surrender BUT WAIT I BROUGHT WHISKEY FOR BOTH OF US AND I WILL LEAVE MY HIDDEN PISTOL UNDER THE TABLE FOREVER AND LEAVE HAPPY WITH AN AGREEMENT FOR ONLY MICHONNE, A LONG WAY DOWN FROM YOUR COMPLETE SURRENDER, FOR NO REASON." too many gimmicks to try to add tension when the dialogue is what makes a negotiation tense. look at inglourious basterds, the conversation in the cafe, the only gimmick was the milk and cream, and it was a reference to an earlier negotiation to recall even more tension, and it was tense even though it was just a conversation.

about andrea, i seem to remember the actor mentioning receiving death threats for how useless her character has been during the show, which isn't her fault but the writers', but still would be a reason why she wants out if it was true.

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