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Sniper Auto Trigger shoot down?

Well after having a regulator problem right out of the box which was solved with some more lube (saies the tech that fixed it at my local shop). Now it seems to loose a fair amount of velocity when I am auto triggering. Enough to make my arc the gun up substantially... I am hoping that sweet spotting the reg will help the situation, also I am ordering the Check It performance upgrade which I hope will help with recover time to keep the velocity up.

Currently I am running a TechT Hush bolt, TechT 0.670 barrel sizer with a Deadly Winds barrel and to start the day I chrono'd at about 265fps.

Since I still play with alot of speedballers and hardcore milsim I really could use the extra couple balls in the air before ducking back in and perferably on the target instead of the ground...

Anyone else have this problem or a possible solution?
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