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I would make sure the AT is timed properly before diving into the regulator.

As I said before most of the shootdown problems I have seen with AT'd Snipers has been caused by the timing.

I have only once seen a regulator issue and I was because under high rates of fire the reg would super-charge, which would make the velocity drop as if it didn't have enough air (Joys of cocker valves!)
The regulator on the Sniper is the same one that was on every stock WGP cocker of yester-year and is a proven design that has a decent flow rate when properly maintained.
If you have an extra reg sitting around I would toss it on your Sniper and see if there is shootdown.

Here is the Empire Sniper's manual

Go to page number 9 (at the bottom of the page)
I would make sure o-rings 87, 75 & 70 are clean and lubed. Remember that too much lube can cause just as many problems as too little.
I would also lightly lube the belville washer spring stack (part #102) and make sure the reg seat (part #64) is clean (leave this dry).

Any other problems I would talk to the people at Paintball Solutions
Email -
Phone - 1-800-220-3222 (USA) 1-866-685-0030 (Canada)
They are pretty good at helping you get your gear up and running
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