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maybe the person causing all the bad happenings in the prison is the person who came into the prison with the "walker bomb" during the raid. said person ran out of the cargo truck and ran straight towards michonne and fired his/her pistol at her. he/she was covered in riot gear (there was speculation it couldve been Andrea to show the governor she was on his side but that was later disproved.)

note: it is never shown that he/she leaves the prison. also, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to find a picture of said person
wasnt riot gear.. whoever iy was was wearing motorcross type gear..and a paintballbmask?

there was an interview a while back with Glen Mazarra who said the person wasnt intended tobbe such a mystery.. just a random woodbury person..

and now that I think about it... thw woman left alive in the truck after the gov shot everyone... she could be the one doing it???? she just happened to get lucky and missed during all the shooting or intentional plant?

and thw walker bomb driver...
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