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I don't get the whole money argument for pump. it's a nill argument.

You don't need to shoot a bag of paint every game just because you use an electro. In Recball I use a mini with a rotor and almost never use more then half a hopper in a game (that's with out controlling my self and laying some cover fire). It takes 1 hit to take some one out, doesn't matter if you shoot it with a pump, arirow, mech or electro. just don't go spraying paint all over and ramping at bunkers just because you can. You could just as well go ATing that bunker with your pump and waste half a bag of paint shooting at nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I love pumps, but the whole "you save money over playing electro" argument... it's pretty weak.

Personally, my play style doesn't change just because of the type of marker that's in my hand. Pumping is good to refine some techniques and to add a little bit of complexity.
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