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Talking Beta-testers wanted! Panda's Laser Engraving

Hello California players

I'm looking for a few people to beta test my Laser Engraving business. See the thing is, I have access to a professional grade laser engraver, but I have no portfolio to show people. Infact, the only gun I have done is my own. That being said, I have done upward of 20 items and expect to have approximately 80 done by the time the summer ends. These are mostly radios for the Pasadena PD and Fire Department, so they aren't really that flashy or interesting.
Anyway, the printer is nice enough that the only limiting factors are the milling in the gun and the quality of the image. So on the to the nitty gritty.
I'm charging:
10$ for words, user names, team names..... you get the point.
15$ for simple symbols, team logos, simple artwork.
20$ for more complex artwork, Large amounts of text and or symbols.
25$ for anything you want me to come up with (If you want a shark, and I have to draw it), large patterns, large artwork, anything I have to seriously photo edit. Right now I'm avoiding doing full guns, Lets keep this sorta simple.

You handle all shipping costs, however, since most of you guys are local, I imagine we can meet up in person.

1. No copyright infringement. I don't want to go to jail. any image you send me must be completely copyright free. When you send me a piece to laser on to your gun, you agreeing to take complete blame if it turns out that image is plagiarized.
2. No crazy milling. Please do not send me anything with ridiculous amounts of milling, simple cuts (most spyders, egos, T2s, ect) are fine, Ripper cockers are not.
3. Trades are ok. I'll include a list of stuff I want, please offer up. I fine to do some lasering in exchange for field entry, gun parts, longboard parts, ect.
4. As beta testers, you will only be refunded the amount you paid if something goes wrong. This being said, If i laser the wrong thing on your gun, of monumentally f*ck up in some other way, I will do everything to make it better, including replace stuff. To avoid this, I will email you the exact file that I plan to engrave before I start lasering anything. Once you give me the ok, i will go from there.


I work at Caltech, and I live in Silver lake, I play at Warped.
Email me at
call me at
323 712 8310
Please comment and PM
I'm dyslexic (sorry for spelling errors)
I am willing to negotiate, at this point, it's less about making money and more about building a portfolio.
The Laser is a 24" Epilog Zing, you can find stats on the website.
If you want me to do an Ipod, computer, dog tags, or anything else, just hit me up.
I'll take paypal, cash, and trades.

Things I want
CCM frames
Cocker bolts
Cocker bodies
Elbow pads
Field entry
Random pb crap
Nelson Tempest or equivalent Double kick
Freeride wheels
Knee pads
Offer up!
Sorry I couldn't embed the images with out them being huge
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