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Time to Switch to a Laser Printer?

A few days ago, my Canon ip4700 died at just under 3yrs old with an "Error 200" which means it needs to go to a service center for repair. I tried cleaning the print head thanks to some helpful youtube videos but, unfortunately it was to no avail.

Unfortunately, even though I had it for about three years, I really don't feel I got my money out of it. This could be said for nearly all of the printers I've had since inkjets became the norm. I don't actually print a lot or often. Over three years, the most significant amount of printing was about two 30 page map sets on map paper. Occasionally, directions or such, and less than 20 photo quality prints (I just recently discovered that it did double-sided prints). The vast majority of my printing is grayscale since it's usually just for quick reference.

This particular printer I liked because of it's multiple ink tank design but, it still irritated me to no end when even when I was printing grayscale, and it had two black tanks (one large, one small), the colors would still run out. Another thing is that because I didn't print very often, it seems that I lose a lot of ink (and time) as the print head cleans the dried ink out before starting a job. The area around the waste 'tank' was covered in ink as if it had been splattering a lot.

So, are there any long term, home users of laser printers on here? How do they hold up over time? Do they suffer if they aren't printed from frequently?

I'm totally willing to settle for a monochrome printer- the few times I need photo prints, I can just have those printed at any number of places. But, I'm interested in color laser printer experience as well.
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