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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
This is one of those things where I've always been curious what makes this operation so difficult? Being a non-machinist I tend to think that compared to other things I've seen done, enlarging the ID of a barrel seems simple... Not being a wise-guy, I'm legitimately curious as I've seen many airsmiths and machinists shy away from the service.
cause when you screw it up its probably going to be big. Thats likely to screw up someones lovely match ano barrel or irreplacable rare as hens teeth type thing. Not to mention that most barrels aren't nice and smooth like a phantom barrel.

I don't like to risk other peoples stuff. in fact I hate modifying existing parts. If I make a mess I have to replace it which is likely a whole lot more than I was going to make off the job in the first place.

Its a bit of a pain to set up but running them isn't too bad. I did a bunch

4 x 11" phantom barrels
1 x 6" phantom barrel
1 x 14" cocker bull barrel
1 x 12" enemy barrel.
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