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Nah, I'm quick.
Sorry for taking you the wrong way but I've had 27 years to get pissed about this and I have. I can't imagine too many customers in any sport that have been told to get screwed so many times, for so long, by so many companies that were supposed to be serving up what the customer wanted.
I keep my 'in front of Grandma' voice on when online, ask me about this in person if you want the unrated version...

I'm not the grudgy type. When Tippmann finally came to their senses, I quit calling them bad names to their faces in the Tiki Bar at the big games(after 15years they almost seemed to miss it)!
In talking to the Empire rep this weekend I gave him my honest and I hope helpful mod for the SA-17. He wasn't offended when I told him that to me pistols ARE paintball and so Empire had never made any paintball gear as far as I was concerned, might as well make vacuum cleaners. He was honest enough to agree.

I'll buy one of these if the valve is anything I can use. It's a start anyway!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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