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First Sheridan

Well as it says, my first Sheridan, got a PMI-1 of a Swedish Paintball site.

Sheridan PMI 1 01 by jonas_evertsson, on Flickr

I did put a co2 cartridge in it and shot some paint on the balcony, seems to work fine.

Untitled by jonas_evertsson, on Flickr

It is nickel plated, wooden grips, carbon fiber grip frame, the changer is only the longer screw, not a quickchanger.

Sheridan PMI 1 03 by jonas_evertsson, on Flickr

There is the small hole on the bottom were the co2 sits so I am thinking if I should get a quick changer from Palmers, or a dummy co2 and try to rig a bottom line for a bucket changer and/ or a small air tank 13/3000 and run it island/ hawaii style. Does this sound as a good plan or should I try something else.

Sheridan PMI 1 04 by jonas_evertsson, on Flickr

The marker seems to be in excellent condition, I will probably get new parts from Palmers as a back-up. And run it with the stick feed as a rock and cock pistol.

I know that there are other suppliers than Palmers but since it will be an international shipping with customs and fees it is most likely cheaper in the end to order from one supplier and not get a 25 USD customs fee on every package.
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