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You can fix the 'Slow Semi' a number of ways, if you're careful.

#1: Modify a cocker Xway with a spring and a button/connecting rod to take the place of the humphrey Xway
#2: Have a custom Trigger plate Made, or make one yourself out of alluminum/Steel, With An adjustable Setscrew for Sear Activation.
#3: Install QEVs on the Ram (Standard clippard models) Some trimming of the Shroud may be nessasary, But Do NOT go without it.
#4: Stainless, or Stainless/Delrin hybrid bolt is the way to go.

I had one of these kits and massacred the poor thing in all manner of ways, learning the Definite DO NOTS.
Looking back, Installing a decent HPR on the back, with the LPR sticking off that, or side-tapping the valve chamber would have been a Great idea. In addition to that, if you go that route, bore out the rear valve chamber as best you can. Increase the flow as high as you dare, That's what kill nelson based Semi-autos, They were never designed with flow in mind.
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