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Here are your One World Force Command Staff:

General #1 for the One World Force:

Tom Cole, the most recognizable person in the paintball industry will be making a huge appearance as Supreme Commander at Decay of Nations in SC Village.

He is an old school professional player with great skills that will lead him to victory at Decay of Nations.

Decay of Nations 7 begun as the United Nations of America (UNA) has crumbled under the weight of war and decay. The last visages were washed away in the last attempt to overthrow the Corporate Empire of Ekron.

With the tragic fall of the UNA, Ekron’s sudden and “costly” triumph of the last great war has decimated the nations of the world’s financial stature. In an effort to regain financial stability amongst the nations, the global debt has been consolidated into a newly-formed world wide bank system called The One World Bank, led by Ekron’s former Chief Executive Officer, Tom Cole. In his new role as Supreme Commander of The One World Force, a new quest to resurrect the nations by targeting the Earth’s resources for global financial stability has begun.

Cole has made a vast name for himself in the paintball industry when he started playing paintball at the age of 17 then formed his own paintball team, Bad Company that ranked in the top five in the pro-division of the NPL in 1993. Cole became a well-respected icon in the paintball industry as president and commissioner of the NPPL, which he later resigned to take the role as General Manager of Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP). Prior to joining the NPPL staff, Cole had played professionally with Bad Company then became the NPPL President from 1993 to 2001.

General #2 for the One World Force:

Andre “WOLF” Critchlow, Canadian tactical paintball ambassador, writer, and YouTube personality, will be a General for ONE WORLD FORCE at Decay of Nations 7.

If you would like the chance to team up with Tom Cole and The Wolf to stop Greg Hastings and Mike Paxson, be sure to pre-register at Giant Sportz Outlet | Paintball Gear and Airsoft Gear.
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