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that's why there are refs. if the refs are decent, they'll be aware of the situation and will sort out that problem. simple as that.

though on one field, they had an automatic surrender rule, where you banged on the bunker 3 times to "eliminate" everyone in that bunker. that saves a lot of close shooting incidents and questions. i've done it, so where you can run up on a bunkering move, but instead of close quarters, tap the bunker and save the people in there.

now for you, if you move up into the 15' area for surrender, are you out or are they? so technically, you can move up the field and not shoot a ball and eliminate the entire team, IF you are luckily not seen. i don't find that very fun, regardless of the safety factor.

but, if you don't have refs worth a damn, it really doesn't matter. they should be the ones that are looking out for the safety of the players, first and foremost.
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