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Jluke I completely understand...but as you said...the owners or whomever is doing the briefing does not treat it as a it a cursory mention in the safety briefing and that is it... It is not treated as important so who else would be willing to treat it as important?

And you are right it is a game not war...that is why people are competitive and willing to risk going down in a blaze of glory. If it was war and someone came up behind you yelling would drop your gun and put your hands in the air. Life or death tends to do that to people...but in a take risks knowing it is only a game and you are only risking elimination...This is specially true of recreational games....they are recreational.

Surrender situations were created to protect players from shots up close that could cause more pain. They were created to protect new players as there is not a desire to scare off new players with a person who bunkers them up and lights them up from 10 feet away. The person who gets lit up from the rear at that range will more than likely not come back.

Abuse comes in when people charge a bunker and point their marker over the wall and are screaming surrender at the top of their lungs acting like dorks....they don't wait for a response and instead pull the trigger. Or when face to face and the same dork thinks it is a matter of who is making an aggressive action and can yell "surrender" the quickest and the loudest. That is not the intent of the "rule" and is a failure on everyones part really to not explain that to them. Ref's should correct players doing that, field owners should explain what and why the rule is in place at their field.

Abuse of the rules happen because the people "enforcing" the rules don't. When officials on any level don't care then douchebags will abuse what semblance of order there is. It is just like the refs that split the teams their 10 buddies with electro's and ramping against 10 renters....just because it is their friends.
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